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Products and services of Sumner Internet Marketing Environments

SIME Corp’s core technology is its Internet Marketing Environments. The Internet Marketing Environment service focuses on core technology issues while minimizing the complexities of developing websites, maintaining websites while getting the products easily found on the Internet. This Internet Marketing Environments significantly allows the end- clients to maintain a product-based website as their products are found in search engines using minimal Internet skills. Using the first generation of the Internet Marketing Environment, SIME Corp released a site where artists and galleries can market their art directly on to the Internet. The second generation,, currently under development, applies the Internet Marketing Environment service to the television, movie, and theater casting industry.

Internet Marketing Environments

Sumner Internet Marketing Environments has created a suite of software to allow SIME Corp and its partners to offer affordable Internet marketing solutions to small vendors. This is based on SIME Corp or its partners being industry experts in a specific profession then employing the Internet Marketing Suite to that specific market.

Consulting – development

SIME Corp provides a variety of consulting services

Software Development areas of expertise

  • Analysis
  • Embedded systems
  • Database driven sites
  • iPhone development
  • Rich internet applications
  • Security and risk analysis for the software development process

Business consulting

Technology infrastructure and growth plans

Hosting (database driven sites, video RIA sites)

Based on the first version of the Internet Marketing Environments, allows artists and galleries with minimal computer skills to market their artwork on to the Internet.

SIME Corp demonstrates the success of an Internet Marketing Environment by focusing on an industry with a product that can be represented by a photograph and on the average small business entrepreneur; who has both limited computer skills and resources to maintain a website. currently hosts over 80 artist and gallery websites, 5 aggregate portals, with more than 3000 artworks that artists and galleries have uploaded and described. generates an average of 300 to 500 visitors a day with an average of 400 to 600 artwork clicks by customers who are genuinely interested in the artworks.

Using the SIME Corp’s Internet Marketing Environment, can offer these services at an extremely low annual subscription cost. The annual cost to operate the system presents an economic model in which the operating costs do not increase as the user base increases.

The second generation of the Internet Marketing Environment is currently being developed for the television, movie, and theater industry. With, SIME Corp leverages latest technologies like FLASH Rich Internet Applications and Communication Server allowing for a simpler, more interactive experience for the user while gathering a larger amount of categorizing information.

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