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Internet Marketing Environments


An Internet Marketing Environment is a niche industry specific system that allows small businesses to market their image based products through the Internet. By concentrating on one market segment, the products for the small business are not only marketed through the business site but also through aggregate sites relevant to that industry. The key to the system is SIME Corps niche market categorizing schema that captures the qualities of the image based product in a natural manner directly from the business

Who uses it

Internet Marketing Environments are used by SIME Corp directly, partner companies that are industry experts or companies who lease/purchase complete turnkey marketing environments for their industry. The business that uses the Internet Marketing Environment is called the parent business. Small businesses are their clients. Internet Marketing Environments are designed for a parent business that manages a market segment. Examples of market segments are travel, construction, real estate, art, antiques, crafts, etc.

The parent business can then use a variety of economic models, like subscription or flat cost, to sell the service to clients. The maintenance costs are minimal because subscribers maintain their own information with no involvement from the parent company. This means as the client base grows; the cost to operate the Internet Marketing Environment does not increase.

The key to applying an Internet Marketing Environment to an industry segment is the expertise knowledge about that industry segment. With the parent company’s market knowledge, an initial categorizing schema is created, allowing the client companies to easily add and maintain their information. With the industry expertise, the appropriate aggregate sites are created and populated with relevant products automatically from the client’s product data.

Value statement

Benefits to Internet Marketing Environment Parent Companies

A business economic model that allows flat operating costs irrelevant of the growth of the client base

Ability to offer affordable services to a large client base of small businesses that have minimal Internet skills

Ability to rapidly and cost effectively roll out aggregate sites in a specific market sub-segment already populated with products from the small business client companies

Benefits to the Client Company

A valuable web presence that allows a small business to create or enhance web presence

No maintenance cost for the small business that can now maintain their own information with minimal computer expertise

Business product information can more easily be found on the Internet with the automated search engine push of the product information



  • Self maintenance
  • Product based with photos
  • Aggregate websites for specific industry sub-segments
  • Increased Internet presence for the small business
  • Search engine push technology