SIME Corp - Sumner Internet Marketing Environments

Our Portfolio

Internet Art Marketing (

The first generation of an Internet Marketing Environment was implemented in the art market segment.

This demonstrates the following features:

  • Affordable solution for the clients (artists, galleries, non-profit organizations)
  • Image-based products that clients can maintain with minimal computer knowledge or training
  • Automatically promotes the product and client information into Search engine
  • Automatic generation of large market sub-segment sites (such as,,, where the product base is generated from the client companies existing products

Industry Casting (

The second generation of the Internet marketing system (under development) targeted the casting industry for television, movies, and theater.

This demonstrates the following features:

  • Affordable solution for clients (actors)
  • Image-based products for clients with minimal computer knowledge or training can maintain
  • Uses Rich Internet Application as the front end interface demonstrating more intuitive and better techniques to acquire information from the actors
  • Integrating multimedia such as audio and video streaming into the product description
  • Automatic generation of aggregate market sub-segments sites (geographic location and acting/casting industry specific)

Sandy Knoll Works (

This is the outlet for other artistic endeavors that allows us to push technology through non information generic ways.

This demonstrates the following features:

  • Limited editions of "Cracks In Space" (precursor to computer white board replacement)
  • Metal fabrication for indoor and outdoor sculptures
  • Robotics
  • Neon
  • Functional furniture

Technology and Energy Transition Team - Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell

This is an example of SIME Corp ability to provide an analysis for an existing business segment and then leverage that business segment under the given current market climate. This facet of SIME Corpís service adds value to business planning and product development

D&A private label

A rural business enterprise that caters to the outdoorsman and that utilizes laser etching technology to produces .5M$ in turkey calls annually.

This demonstrates the following features:

  • Business consulting with respect to the technology path
  • How SIME Corp successfully advised a growth plan encompassing all technology needs of the business