SIME Corp - Sumner Internet Marketing Environments

Welcome to Sumner Internet Marketing Environments Corporation Inc.,

A Company that invents and explores new technologies to empower and promote small businesses employing the global network of the Internet.

SIME Corp has a visionary prospective to develop these solutions by applying leading edge technologies.

SIME Corp accomplishes this by creating base solutions. This allows SIME Corp and its Partners to offer affordable products to small vendors with successful results.

Sime Corp has designed two Suites: The Internet Marketing Environment (IME) which allows a user with limited computer skills to create and maintain their own image based product promoting marketing and broadcasting efforts; and

The Sculpted Portal Guild which creates a marketing channel that allows artisans to create and sell a newly invented piece of Home furnishing merged with Ambient Art.

The SIME Corp. Principals has several divisions for versatile core technologies:

  • The Internet Marketing Environments division is responsible for SIME Corp's IME technology. The Internet Marketing Environments service focuses on core technological issues while minimizing the complexities of developing websites, maintaining websites and getting products more easily found on the Internet. This means that Internet Marketing Environments allows the end clients to maintain a product-based website and get their products found in search engines with minimal Internet skill. utilizes the IME to host the platform which provides a bold means for artists, artisans and galleries to economically market their artworks by broadcasting through various avenues. 
  • The is Simecorp's next generation of mobile media broadcasting, an experimental platform allowing viewers to enjoy an art experience as they wander through a virtual world of galleries. 
  • SIME Corp Consulting services creates a niche market implementations of the Internet Marketing Environments. The currently developing leads the television, movie, and theater casting industry into a new way of connecting casting directors with actors. 
  • blends design and art creating puddles of color with new technologies in the world of art. Sandy Knoll works a site showcasing multimedia artworks created on a grand scale. The artworks reflecting the journey of Doris Weiner's installations and exhibits, commissions, and sculpted portal guild.

Current Experimental Applications:

  • ColorfulThunder : an iPad, iPhone, iPod-Touch app that creates a fabric for people to explore painting color in harmony with other devices.
    Download ColorfulThunder on the App Store
  • Art-Promenade: a 3d iPhone/iPad application that is used to explore the virtual world of broadcast art through the system. Exploring various aftereffects from interacting with artworks, each other and the virtual world, sharing a heartbeat of consistancy.