Sumner Internet Marketing Environments

Welcome to Sumner Internet Marketing Environments Corporation Inc. (SIME Corp)

SIME Corp was founded on the dream of bringing digital technology closer to groups of non-computer savvy individuals, transforming them into active participants in the digital age.

Imagine if we could unite industries with a rallying cry akin to "Let's Land a Man on the Moon." Through visionary examples, we strive to showcase what cutting-edge technologies (from digital infrastructure to embedded solutions) can achieve as prospective solutions. We found that many sectors within the corporate structure (including Executives, Management, Engineering, IT, Sales, etc.) may see digital engineering as just another tool. We believe that this perspective overlooks the simple brilliance of solutions offered by technology giants like the iOS operating system and hardware. That's where SIME Corp steps in, weaving interactions from the tactile "Sand in the Hand" experience to the visual appeal of ambient lights on a wall, all through our creative examples. Together, we can explore these examples to envision the endless possibilities.

By engaging with these examples, you'll not only enjoy the innovative journey we took but also see how we applied our learnings to various industries. We fervently hope that our work will ignite a spark in other engineers and companies, inspiring them to dive into the uncharted waters of modern digital technology and explore the wonders it holds.